happy belated monthlyversary Satrio! thanks for always there in happy sad sick health up or down, ily:)
aaaand also thanks for the stopmotion, yo!
here it is....



Ku bahagia kau telah terlahir di dunia

Dan kau ada di antara milyaran manusia

Dan ku bisa dengan radarku menemukanmu...

 ost Perahu Kertas


1st year page

When the first time walking in school corridor. Never thought that I'd be a member of this greatest class ever, Sofrenor. One year has already passede us by. Sadness, happiness, or maybe teardrops has been poured here. Something that consisted 39 souls. Something that filled my days. Something that I called more than a friend. Something that ain't be forgotten. Even though time do us apart, I brave to swear u that our memories wud never ever gonna be vanished even forgotten.
Not an enemy nor a siblings. Clearly we're more than a friend:-)