it's just dream at all

Boys Who has good sense of humor and unique laughter ♥
Boys Who would rather cuddle&watch movies with you than hanging out with his friends
Boys Who defend you whenever someone is hurting you verbally or physically
Boys Who make "traditions" with you (:
Boys Who make sure your birthday is a big deal. ♥
Boys Who come to all of your sporting events to cheer you on.
Boys Who give girls cute nicknames. ♥
Boys Who tell us we're everything when we feel like nothing
Boys Who love taking cute pictures with you and has them as their Profile pic or wallpaper
Boys Who hug you and say "No, you're not" when you say "Im fine
Boys Who walk you home&carry your stuff!(:


Happy New Year!

Hwah! 2011 is already pass us by. ummm... Happy New Year 2012!! May Allah bless us and hope everything will change to be better this year. 2012....please be good, be wonderful, be nice, be friendly to me, to everyone all over the worldO:) yuppp new year new spirit new wishes certainly and new.....apaya haha-,- keep believing that better things are coming this year~

Yapppp itu wishes nya di atas.......hehe banget yang nomor 8 ya hahahaha sm siapa coba, huft who knows lah ya 2012 masih 358 hari kok tenang aja:'> tapitapi maksudnya tuh yang kaya gini loh itu lucu bgt diliatnya kalo ada pasangan yang pacaran nya lama trs pacaran nya nyantai&full of jokes kayanya hehhh bgt haha #random parah-__-
as I wish:"3